08/12/2010 03:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sandra Roelofs, Georgia's First Lady, The Next Carla Bruni? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Georgia's First Lady Sandra Roelofs first caught our eye in Paris in June after giving Carla Bruni a run for her Dior with a floral frock and a chic handbag. Sandra seems to go for fitted dresses and pumps, but unlike Carla, she'll accessorize with a necklace, a few ruffles or a headband. Rumor also has it that Sandra attends some of the major fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan. So could she, in fact, be the new Carla Bruni? Take a look at a handful of her ensembles and tell us which ones you love and which ones you're not so crazy about.