08/13/2010 08:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Overcrowded NYU Sends Students To Hotels

Faced with more students than they can handle, some universities are scrambling for places to house students.

New York University, for one, is looking to put the 50 to 70 students who don't fit in residence halls in a nearby hotel.

The Washington Square News has more:

NYU is in ongoing discussions with a hotel in the Village to provide rooms for upperclassmen and therefore could not disclose its location. In 2002, NYU used midtown hotels to house undergraduates temporarily that could not fit into the then under construction Second Street.

Administrators have said displaced students will pay comparable rates for housing if placed in Greenwich Hotel or the local area hotel. The going rate for a standard bed in a double room is $13,438 for the academic year.

The University of Iowa is experiencing a similar problem, having enrolled 400 more students into its freshman class than last year. The school plans to secure off-campus apartments and renovate dormitory lounges to temporarily sleep up to eight students, the New York Times reports.

University of Iowa interim vice president for student services told the Times that the situation was "good-bad."

"You want them here," Rocklin told the Times of the students. "But we have to house [them]. We have to ensure they have the classes they need."

Iowa's housing strain comes as a result of increased out-of-state and international recruitment programs that led to an unanticipated yield of matriculating students.

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