08/16/2010 12:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Serbian Cemetery Offers Dead All The Comforts Of Home (VIDEO)

Serbia's Branicevo county is taking the term "rest in peace" to an entirely new level, with an unusual cemetery that aims to offer its residents all of the comforts of home.

Instead of traditional plots, the cemetery sells small mausoleum-like units described as "family tombs," which friends and relatives have taken to furnishing like small cottages, with beds, tables and DVD players. Some family members also regularly stock the opulent crypts with fresh food. The goal, officials say, is to surround their loved one with everything he or she enjoyed during their lifetime.

Cemetery undertakers operate a shop where many personal items, such as watches, wallets and jewelry, are available for sale. And those worried about their unmarried friend or family member passing on needn't fret -- the shop also sells engagement rings for the still-single deceased.

Watch Nova TV's report on the Serbian cemetery here: