08/16/2010 12:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Style vs. Substance Survey RESULTS: What's Important To American Voters?

Two weeks ago Huffington Post and apparel company Weatherproof® asked readers to take our Style vs. Substance survey, and 3,168 of you did. Thanks!

Check out the responses below. The poll indicated that when it comes to politics, style matters. 55.2% of those surveyed said that presentation is important while only 45.3% said that a politician's policies were more important than their presentation. 95.6% of those surveyed said it wasn't important for a politician to have a full head of hair, while 32.7% of people said that they would be less likely to vote for an overweight candidate, suggesting that when it comes to politicians' appearance, Americans voters care about weight, but not hair. Close to 38% of the survey takers said they were more likely to vote for a well-dressed candidate, but 27.2% of those surveyed--not an insignificant number--think that designer clothes are elitist. The takeaway? Politicians should dress well, but should be wary of designer clothes.

We also polled readers on whom they considered the most stylish male politician and whom they considered the most stylish female politician. President Obama won in the male category, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won in the female category. It's interesting to note that the "Who's The Most Stylish Female Politician?" poll received 17,455 votes compared to 5,847 votes the men got, indicating that Huffington Post readers (and American voters at-large?) are more interested in the style of female politicians than that of their male counterparts.

Below are the survey results. What stands out to you? Leave your comments below.