08/19/2010 01:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lesbian Hooters Waitress From Illinois Joins 'America's Next Top Model'

As fans of "America's Next Top Model" brace themselves for a new season of sassy judges, strange photo shoots and infighting, the new contestants are making themselves known to the world.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, the 14 tall, slim model-wannabes were profiled--and one is an Illinois native.

Kayla is a 19-year-old Rockford, Illinois resident who is an out lesbian, former soccer player and Hooters waitress.'s Trish Bendix wrote about the new contestant Wednesday:

. . . Kayla has done some modeling in Chicago ("mostly small runways at clubs") and is also recovering from a loose disc (a soccer injury -- she's played the sport for nine years). She says she loves wearing heels and thinks that gives her an advantage over some of the other girls who might not be used to it.

According to Us Weekly, Kayla has a live-in girlfriend, and was concerned about how other "Top Model" contestants would react to her sexuality.

"Being the openly gay girl in the house, I was afraid of how the others would receive me," she said.

We will surely learn more about Kayla on the Sept. 8 "Top Model" season premiere.

Check out Kayla's contestant interview here: