08/20/2010 09:42 am ET Updated 6 days ago

Food52's Best Meatball Recipe Showdown: Vote For The Best Dish

For the past year, readers have been voting in weekly showdowns of reader-submitted recipes on a given theme. The winning recipes of each week will end up in Food52's upcoming cookbook, along with bios of the people who submitted them (Food52 explains the process in simple detail here).

Food52 and its co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs have invited you, fun-loving HuffPost Food readers, to vote on the contest for week 9 (of the second year).

Week 9's showdown is for the best meatball recipe.

Check the finalists out below, and vote for your favorite here.

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Kefta-Style Meatballs with Grilled Grapes and Yogurt Sauce

Photo: Melanie Einzig

Amanda and Merrill's notes on "Kefta-Style Meatballs with Grilled Grapes and Yogurt Sauce" on

You will fall in love with this recipe as you're mixing the meatball mixture, which sends up wafts of cinnamon, mint and garlic. After browning the meatballs, you sandwich them between a grilled (seared, really) grape -- we used red, and loved how their skins blistered and charred -- and a garlicky, lemon yogurt sauce. For parties, you can make everything ahead of time, and assemble the skewers and sauce just before guests arrive. - A&M

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Meatballs Emilia-Romagna with Pasta Sheets

Photo: Melanie Einzig

Amanda and Merrill's notes on "Meatballs Emilia-Romagna with Pasta Sheets" on

This recipe is a marathon, but you'll have a runner's high by the time you brown the meatballs and start smelling the goodness to come. Do all your prep work first because once that's done, the recipe is a snap. You mix and shape the meatballs -- which are made with succulent ground short rib meat -- and after browning them in a pan, you use the pan drippings as the base for a rich Bolognese-like sauce. The pasta sheets are a great touch - a way to make impromptu, loosely-formed lasagna without all the counting of layers and baking. Thirschfeld really channeled his inner nonna on this one. - A&M

View the "Meatballs Emilia-Romagna with Pasta Sheets" recipe here.

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