08/24/2010 12:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Isabel Marant Hates Sexy Girls, Says 'Ideal Woman Is Serge Gainsbourg'

Designer Isabel Marant's brief LOVE magazine interview has leaked, and the purveyor of last season's $1,295 "It Shoe" and this season's Kate Moss ads is apparently a self-described anti-consumerist. She said, "It's difficult for me being a designer in an industry I don't like. When I design a collection I find myself thinking, 'Why do we need new clothes?' I never think about the fashion people...They are not my concern."

She also laughed at the word "sexy," remarking, "Big breasts and lips. No! I hate those girls. I hate famous women. My ideal woman is Serge Gainsbourg. Not that he was a woman."