08/25/2010 09:36 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

ART AND INTERIORS: An Exhibition Curated By Habitually Chic's Heather Clawson (PHOTOS)

Heather Clawson created her blog Habitually Chic in 2007 as a place to chronicle her inspirations, adventures as an interior designer and girl about town in New York. She believes that art can be found everywhere from museums to fashion, to photography and design.

As someone who holds an art history degree, art will always be important in my life and also my work. A beautiful home will never feel finished unless it is filled with artwork that isn't just bought as a prop but is meaningful to the owner. I can't think of any other artist whose work is admired by so many and can be seen in so many different types of interiors than Cy Twombly.

Habitually Chic's Art + Interiors

- by Heather Clawson