08/25/2010 08:03 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Writer Wednesday: HuffPost Readers Respond To #WhereIWrite (PHOTOS)

Virginia Woolf wrote standing at a favorite desk; J.K. Rowling supposedly wrote "Harry Potter" at a local coffee shop; and rumor has it that Lord Byron wrote on the toilet.

Last week we asked you -- devoted book lovers and writers -- to let us in on a little secret: Where do you compose your masterpieces?

Beyond these famous inspirational places, there exists hundreds of a more personal breed: An old sofa or rickety, garage-sale treasure; a college library or city park; a coffee shop or bar. These places hold a special place in hearts of writers, and so, when we asked, 'what's your favorite place to write?' you responded in droves.

Here's a selection of what you told us ... But we want to hear more!

Let us know this #writerswednesday by using #whereiwrite on Twitter and we'll do another slideshow. If you have pictures of your favorite place, even better.