08/30/2010 02:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ken Buck Leads, Michael Bennet Reaches Highest Support Level To Date In Latest Rasmussen Poll

Republican Ken Buck maintains a slight lead over incumbent Michael Bennet in the latest Rasmussen Poll, but Bennet has surged to his highest level of support all year.

The poll, which surveyed 750 likely voters on August 29, showed Buck with a 47-44 lead over Bennet. That's a smaller Buck lead than earlier this month, when Rasmussen showed Buck with a 46-41 lead.

Bennet's support in previous Rasmussen's monthly polls has typically been 39% and 42%.

50% of respondents said the economy was the most important issue facing the country today. Among that 50%, Bennet holds a 50-41 lead over Buck. Buck trounces Bennet among the 16% who identified fiscal issues as the greatest issue heading into November.

Buck leads 47-36 among voters not affiliated with either major party.

The survey has a 4% margin for error. Rasmussen Reports has been criticized by Democrats for overestimating the number of Republican voters in their models.