08/31/2010 01:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Which City Has The Best Street Art - LA, NYC, or London? (PHOTOS)

Each city has its own style in every respect -- food, society, culture, and... street art. Street art, a tamer name for graffiti artists whose work has garnered the respect of fanatic art-lovers and simple city-dwellers alike, can refer to urban artists, graffiti artists with a reputation, video artists, and even those whose work has graced white gallery walls. Now with a published book and documentary out on UK-based street artist Bansky, its not a stretch to say that street art is no longer bound to the city in which it was created. So the question becomes, in your opinion, which city has got the best street art? Check out these three blogs: one each for Los Angeles, New York, and London and tell us what you think.

Street Art: NYC, LA, London?