09/02/2010 11:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

University Of New Orleans PROTESTS: Students Barricade Themselves In Building (WATCH)

A group of University of New Orleans students occupied a campus building yesterday in protest of higher-education budget cuts.

The Associated Press reports:

None of the eight to 10 students who barricaded themselves in UNO's Milneburg Hall, a liberal arts and sciences building, was arrested after campus police forced their way into the building around 8:30 a.m., about two hours after a cleaning crew found the entrances blocked, said university spokesman Mike Rivault.

Rivault said the protesters apparently slept in the building overnight and blocked entrances with tables.

The confrontation ended without incident, though the university's police chief was injured in an earlier altercation with a protester.

$14 million has been cut from the university's budget since January 2009.

WATCH: ABC 26 reports from the scene: