09/08/2010 08:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Catalina For The Weekend: Guide To Catalina Island

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By Matthew Segal

The island may be part of L.A. County, and it looks a lot like the Santa Monica Mountains. But to master Santa Catalina, you need to surrender to it as only an outsider can: by embracing your sight-seeing, thrill-seeking, drink-swilling, photo-snapping inner tourist. It's not hard. When gum pooh-bah William Wrigley Jr. bought the island in 1919, he vowed to protect his newfound paradise. A nature conservancy received much of the land after his death in 1932, and to this day development is mostly limited to Avalon, the 2.2-square-mile town that clings barnacle-like to the bay. With summer crowds tapering off, Catalina is just the place for a quick getaway; several recent improvements in the area will leave you wondering why you've put off visiting all these years.

Caption text courtesy of Los Angeles Magazine.

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