09/08/2010 09:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

iOS 4.1 Release Date Is TODAY: See The New Features

UPDATE: iOS 4.1 is now live and available for download via iTunes. (h/t Engadget, Walter G.)
Apple's new iOS 4.1, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised would be out this week, may be set for release Wednesday, September 8.

Why bother upgrading? As we reported here, Apple's iOS 4.1 update offers both bug fixes (tweaks to the proximity sensor, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G reception issues) and a host of new features.

With iOS 4.1, users will get access to the following new offerings:
  • 99-cent TV show rentals and Ping in iTunes
  • Game Center, which offers enhanced multiplayer gaming. Macworld writes, "Not only will Game Center make great games easier to find, but there will be new social features for gamers to utilize such as notifications, streaming video, leader boards, and stats. Developers can look forward to get more promotion for their games, and players can more easily learn about these games from their friends' recommendations."
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos (for iPhone 4 only). "This photo mechanism snaps three stills and combines them to create the perfect photo depending on lighting, shadows, and other photo-altering elements," 9to5Mac explains. "To enable HDR just click the HDR button on top of the Camera apps' interface. You can choose whether the camera will save just the HDR version of the photo or the standard version as well."
  • HD video uploading via WiFi

TUAW reports that the new operating system has the additional benefit of resolving some of the iOS 4.0 performance issues for the iPhone 3G : "I've had the opportunity to test this update out on my wife's iPhone 3G, and I'm happy to report that it does indeed appear to resolve all the stuttering, crashing, and generalized slowness the iPhone 3G was suffering under even previous beta builds of iOS 4.1," TUAW writes.

According to Apple's website, the iOS 4.1 software update is "coming soon." However, Computer World reports that Apple leaked the iOS 4.1 release date on its UK website, which, "for a brief time over the weekend [...] stated that the update, which CEO Steve Jobs said would be released this week, would be available Wednesday, Sept. 8."

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