09/09/2010 08:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dog Rides Motorcycle And Wakeboards (VIDEO)

Chibi certainly isn't your average 9-year-old mutt.

The first year after David Williams of Redington Beach, Florida rescued the homeless puppy wasn't an easy one, Bay News 9 reports.

At first, Chibi was a disobedient handful, so Williams began teaching her tricks like spinning around and jumping through hoops to help channel her feisty energy. Nearly a decade later, Chibi's zeal has grown into a myriad of unique talents, including riding around on Williams's motorcycle, equipped with "doggles."

Chibi's latest adventurous excursion finds her hitting the waves, something Williams thought she'd enjoy due to her love of the water. As the reporter's failed attempts in this video via CNN highlight, wakeboarding behind a boat is no easy task -- but Chibi is a natural.

One neighbor jests that perhaps skydiving and parasailing are next on the agenda for the thrill-seeking canine.