09/09/2010 03:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama News Conference: What Would YOU Ask The President At His First Q&A Since May?

UPDATED: See some of the best questions below.

Ahead of President Obama's White House news conference scheduled for 11:00 a.m. ET on Friday, the Huffington Post wants to know what YOU would ask the president at his first question and answer session with reporters since May.

The White House has signaled that the president plans to discuss steps his team is taking to address the state of the nation's economy.

From questions about how the administration plans to help pervasive unemployment and the middle class to unrelated political and policy matters, anything is fair game.

The president last held a news conference with members of the press on May 27 in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Friday's event will mark Obama's eighth solo Q&A session with reporters, according to veteran White House Reporter, CBS Radio's Mark Knoller.

What would you ask President Obama if you were sitting with the White House press corps? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below. HuffPost staffers will pick some the best and post them here later.


Select Questions From HuffPost Readers:

From toinfinityandbeyond:

Mr. President, how are you going to create jobs when companies have no incentive [to] grow? The US consumer makes up 2/3rd's of our GDP. If they don't have jobs, where is this demand going to come from?

From Guatemaladreams:

Mr. President, when will you appoint Elizabeth Warren [to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau]?

From Raymond Strand:

What argument do you have for continuing the embargo against Cuba? How is Cuba a worse Communist Dictatorship than China worthy of Economic embargo? If Cuba's crimes are worth an embargo why aren't China's?

From ethancorso:

I would ask the President why his record on civil liberties, Constitutional issues, and executive power have been so W. like. If I had a follow up I would ask him about his administration's policy on Assassinations.

From SallyStrange:

Why have you broken your campaign promises to oppose and dismantle the Bush-era expansion of executive power? Specifically, why have you continued using military tribunals to try accused terrorists, supported the Bush DOJ position that the assertion of state secrets should negate judicial review of the executive branch, and gone beyond anything Bush ever did by claiming the right to execute an American citizen without a trial, so long as that citizen is living abroad?

From slowhand0728:

Mr. President, one of your first acts in office was to announce and sign an order closing GITMO, you were praised by the world community by doing so. Do you think you have lost any credibility with the world, since remains open and will continue so for the forseeable future?

From caughtya:

Mr President , in hindsight , do you think you should have concentrated on the economy first and foremost and not healthcare or cap and trade?

From meatball402:

Why did you feel that stacking the deficit commission with hawks who want to kill [Social Security] and Medicare was a good idea (not to mention making it in the first place)?

From Outwest:

How do you stand--favor or oppose--on the following issues relating to Social Security?

1) Raising the retirement age. If you favor this, to what age?
2) Means testing. If you favor this, how would you structure it?
3) Changing the way the annual adjustment is calculated. If you favor this, what method would you use?

If any of the above changes to Social Security were made, would you favor grandfathering in current recipients? Near recipients--and if so, how "near?"

From JohnRawlsInOveralls:

Given the vast disparity between return on investment in aggregate demand stimulus policies and return on investment in tax cut policies (meaning, you get abundantly more return on investment with aggregate demand stimulus policies), why isn't more being done to stimulate demand, like you continually promise?

Follow up: If your answer mentions the Republican Party, why don't you have the stones to drag the fight right out into the open and hammer on it every second of every day until enough Senate Republicans cave?

From RedDonnaAnn:

Why are you not forcing banks to lend? The banks received 789 billion dollars of tax payer money twice yet they have eliminated lines of credit and loans. Houses are harder to get now than they were before the second bailout, businesses are laying off due to lessened demand caused by the lack of available credit lines.

Why have you not forced banks to lend tax payers their own money?

From ResearchTheFacts:

What's the big picture? Where do you see America, realistically, being in two years? What is your vision?

From Kiz boy:

Have the Democrats lost the advantage they had two years ago to get anything done in the next two years?

From castlerider:

Mr. President, why don't you post on Huffpo?

What blogs do you read? What blogs do you have your aides read to get an idea what's going on outside your bubble?