09/15/2010 08:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Captain Planet Day 2010 (VIDEO)

Happy Birthday Captain Planet!

Forget Spider Man or Batman, around here it's Captain Planet who gets our hearts all aflutter. The ground-breaking TV show by Ted Turner debuted 20 years ago, on September 15th, 1990. For six years the superhero and his five international Planeteers inspired a generation to recycle, write their representatives, and plant more trees.

Now MNN reports that the city of Atlanta has declared September 15th National Captain Planet Day, in honor of our first eco-superhero. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed will present Captain Planet his highest honor, the Phoenix award at City Hall.

Captain Planet, ever humble, has asked his adoring fans to plant a tree or make a donation in lieu of birthday gifts. But to honor our favorite mulleted man, we're posting the very first episode of Captain Planet for you below. For a twenty-year old TV show, it's surprisingly timely, opening with oil drilling in a nature reserve.

Remember, The power is yours!