09/17/2010 03:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Lisa Rinna Thanks Michael Bolton For Her Marriage

Lisa Rinna has Michael Bolton to thank for her awesome life. Rinna is married to Harry Hamlin, with whom she has two daughters and an upcoming reality show 'Harry Loves Lisa.'

Hamlin was previously married to Nicolette Sheridan, and Rinna has spoken about the end of that marriage to Celebuzz.

You have quite the personal connection to ['Dancing with the Stars'] contestant Michael Bolton... He dated Nicolette Sheridan, who is your husband's ex-wife!

Well I've been saying this for a while now but I should really send Michael Bolton some flowers. Eighteen years ago, Harry and Nicolette were married and they had only been married for 11 months when she went to a Michael Bolton concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Harry never saw her again! So it was a tough time for Harry but looking back, if not for Michael Bolton, I would never have had this wonderful man and marriage and my two beautiful children! So it's very funny that Michael is now doing the show after Harry and I have both done it.

Is this the first time you and Harry are talking about this sort of love triangle or 'love square?'

Harry has never talked about it publicly and actually, neither of us has talked about it but it's been 18 years so we think it's okay to address it at this point. It came up while we were filming our show

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