Bill Clinton Talks Tea Party, Economy, Middle East Peace At Start Of Clinton Global Initiative (VIDEO)

The tea party is saying something "everyone should hear," says President Bill Clinton, that "everyone but average Americans are doing alright."

In an interview with the Huffington Post's Willow Bay and Yahoo! News, and tied to the start of the Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting this week, Clinton offered his take on the rise of the tea party movement and urged Democrats to emphasize their plans to create jobs, boost the economy and build a better future.


Displaying a command of economic issues that he says comes from lengthy and detailed analysis of economic data, President Clinton pointed out what he called a "stunning statistic" in the most recent jobs report, with posted job openings rising significantly more than new hires.


President Clinton also weighed in on the role of the CGI in the Middle East peace process. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participates in renewed peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, President Clinton declined to offer his wife any advice -- publicly, at least.


The sixth Annual Meeting of the CGI starts Monday. The meeting "brings together heads of state, government and business leaders, scholars, and NGO directors" to "analyze pressing global challenges, discuss the most effective solutions, and build lasting partnerships that enable them to create positive social change." More than 1,000 members will attend.

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Anna Robertson and Erin Green produced the interview for Yahoo! News.