09/21/2010 02:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Trade Will Likely Happen Within A Week, Says ESPN's Chris Broussard

ESPN's Chris Broussard reported Tuesday morning that "the predominant feeling around the league" is that Carmelo Anthony will not be a Denver Nugget at this point next week.

Broussard said that "most people feel that they [the Nuggets] have to get this done before training camp," which starts next week, in order to avoid the awkwardness of having a disgruntled star in camp.

He also echoed prior reports that the New Jersey Nets remain the most likely destination because the team possesses the tradable assets that the Nuggets desire.

Broussard's report comes at the same time that public opinion in Denver may be turning against Anthony. Denver Post writer Mark Kiszla, in a column entitled "Carmelo Anthony should get onboard or get out," suggested that the team may be better off this year by trading its star forward.

From the day the Nuggets passed on Dwyane Wade to take Anthony in the draft to the stop snitchin' video and all the way to the 2009 Western Conference finals, nobody in Denver has been a bigger booster of Melo than I. He's one of the more entertaining players and engaging personalities in the league.

But here's betting that a healthy coach George Karl could coax 45 to 50 wins out of the Nuggets without Anthony this season. Here's a belief that guard Ty Lawson and a center with the upside of New Jersey's Lopez could be the basis of a solid young core. Here's the realization that when the onerous contract of K-Mart soon comes off the books, Denver can escape salary-cap purgatory and regain some flexibility to quickly rebuild.

Anthony's contract expires at the end of next season. The 3-time forward has refused to sign the 3-year, $65 million extension that the team put forward this summer, even though that deal will pay him more money that any deal he signs after his contract expires next year. It is widely believed that Anthony would prefer to sign the extension then force the Nuggets to trade him.