09/21/2010 04:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'The View' Hosts Fight Over Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The women of "The View" got heated Tuesday morning over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticized President Obama for the time it took for the issue to come to the Senate floor, saying that it took him 18 months to do something he said he'd do upon coming into office.

Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters countered that Obama did not have the power to repeal the ban without consulting Congress and the military.

"He's not a dictator," Walters said.

"He's been trying to do it," Shepherd added.

"He said it would happen immediately," Hasselbeck shot back. "18 months, to me, I could've had two kids!"

"President Obama cannot do this by himself," Shepherd said.

"Then don't promise it," Hasselbeck replied. "Don't promise me bullcorn when you can't do it."

Walters, who has been filling in as moderator for Whoopi Goldberg this week, finally corralled everyone back.

"I leave this program...[and] I'm so tired!" she said as she cut to a commercial.


On Monday, Hasselbeck and Joy Behar got into an argument about Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.