09/23/2010 09:54 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dr. Supraja Dharini's TREE Foundation Works To Conserve Sea Turtles In Southern India (VIDEO)

When Dr. Supraja Dharini discovered the plight of the sea turtles, threatened on the shores of southern India, she decided to start the TREE Foundation to help with their conservation.

This video from CNN takes a look at Dr. Dharini's work with the TREE Foundation, which involves protecting sensitive turtle eggs by relocating them to safer locations, helping the babies get to sea when hatched, and rehabilitating turtles that have been injured by fisherman or by other means.

"It's not the people don't care, it's just that they're unaware because they don't understand that sea turtles play a very important ecological role in the marine ecosystem," Dharini tells CNN.

To help people better understand that vital role, TREE Foundation offers classes that inform fisherman of the importance of protecting sea turtles and the benefit it provides for their livelihood, and also educates young children on sea turtle conservation.