09/24/2010 08:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Gadgets The iPad Kills (VIDEO)

If you're an iPad user, you may notice the rest of your gadgets looking dusty with disuse.

CNET TV counts down the top 5 gadgets that iPad owners say they no longer need. The following statistics come from a poll of iPad owners, 37% of whom "were totally new to Apple," says CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood.

Only a few of the iPad users in this study said they could live without a gaming console, which is last on the iPad's kill list. At number 4 on the list are iPods and MP3 players, which 29% of the polled users said they could live without. (Interestingly, nearly half the participants already owned an iPod.) The number 3 spot went to laptops and netbooks, both deemed unnecessary by 32% of iPad users. Portable gaming devices came in at number 2 with 38%.

To find out which gadget 49% of iPad users panned, check out the flash video below--if you're not browsing from your ipad.

Do you agree with these statistics? Would you give up any of these devices for an iPad? Let us know in the comments.