09/27/2010 04:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cindy Crawford Reports From Paris Fashion Week In 1992 (VINTAGE VIDEO)

Paris Fashion Week kicks off on Tuesday, and if you're like us, you can't wait! And what better way to pass the time than with a vintage video. We dug up this clip of Cindy Crawford in 1992 hosting MTV's "House of Style" from Paris where she interviews a boyish Jean Paul Gaultier who talks about the fashion that made him famous, remarking, "In everything, you can have fun."

Crawford also takes us through a day in the life of Linda Evangelista, who was, how do you say, très popular at the time. Her segment begins at 4:26 with her cooing French designers' names. Linda explains that every season she walks in one show for free, "choos[ing] one new designer to support." She adds, "Every day I work. Every single day." She also dishes on her 'do of the moment--bright red--noting, "I change my hair color and it gets headlines. I didn't lose a client, I didn't lose a job. I don't think people book me for my hair color."