09/27/2010 02:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jenny McCarthy On 'Oprah': Jim Carrey Relationship Was 'Not Fun Anymore'

This Tuesday Jenny McCarthy sits down with Oprah to talk about what went wrong in her relationship with Jim Carrey.

Oprah (via People) asks Jenny, "Tell me, when did you know it was over?"

"You know, the simple word I can give - and there's a few, so let me say a few," Jenny replies. "The first thing is, when it's not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship."

Jenny and Jim announced their split over Twitter in April after five years together.

Jenny insists to Oprah that "my identification wasn't caught up [in] being a celebrity's ... girlfriend."

When pressed by Oprah whether she is sure, she continues, "Absolutely. I did check on that, by the way. I checked into myself. How does my ego feel? ... My ego's fine. I'm a warrior mom. I always got back on my feet, and I know especially this year who I am."

In August People reported that Jenny was dating male fitness model Jason Toohey.