09/27/2010 04:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Assistant Football Coach William Miller Fired For Mooning Fans

Williams Miller, a volunteer assistant football coach at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, was fired for mooning fans after losing 16-6 to Campus Magnet on Saturday.

New York City Department of Education spokesperson Margie Feinberg explained that Miller is a volunteer and has been fired by Boys and Girls principal Bernard Gassaway.

"He's a volunteer, he's not a DOE [Department of Education] employee," Feinberg said. "So the principal can ban him from being an assistant coach."

After the referees ruled that Campus Magnet running back Raeshawn Lewis successfully converted a two-point conversion late in the game, the Boys and Girls coaches lost their composure and ran on to the field to argue.

Officials ejected head coach Barry O'Connor and called the game with 3:49 remaining on the clock, awarding Campus Magnet with the win. That led to a scuffle between the Boys and Girls coaches and school safety officers, according to the report from the New York Daily News.

Campus Magnet fans started taunting the opposing coaches, which led to Miller taking off his pants and mooning the crowd.

It was Miller's first year with the football team.