09/28/2010 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 'Accidental Hipster' Doesn't Try To Be Cool, Just Is (VIDEO)

Why is it that at the end of a decade, whatever pop culture cliche has become the most popular all of a sudden becomes the most hated thing ever? Take the hipster, for example. The once undefinable sub genre of cool young people is now a pretty universal term for skinny jeans-wearing, fair trade coffee-drinking, MacBook Pro-owning, liberal-arts studying 20-somethings. And now that 2010 is ending, people are starting to wonder why any of that is cool.

We've been seeing more and more anti-hipster jokes floating around the Internet lately, but this music video for "The Accidental Hipster" by Mesch And Cod has to take the cake. It's a catchy and spot-on song about a young Los Angeles man who continues to be a hipster no matter what he does. But you know, like, totally not on purpose. (Via Buzzfeed)