09/30/2010 01:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Murdoch Explains 'Australia's Next Top Model' Mistake

"Australia's Next Top Model" host Sarah Murdoch -- yes, the one who announced the wrong winner on live TV, and, yes, daughter-in-law of Rupert -- has explained what happened to the country's news show, "A Current Affair." Frockwriter has the details. Murdoch told "A Current Affair":

"The last thing that had been communicated to me through my earpiece was Kelsey 1, Amanda 2... And we had this great idea that we wouldn't use a card, that we would have it all communicated to me through an earpiece, so that I too in that moment would find out who the winner was. And I thought it will be great. So having heard the last thing was Kelsey 1, Amanda 2, I went into the read... the winner of Australia's Next Top Model is....nothing. Nothing. So all I knew was the last thing was Kelsey 1, Amanda 2....The point was, it was going to be communicated through my ear and it didn't come at that moment. So I went with what I had been told... just before that segment. It is a genuine miscommunication. As far as I knew it was the right call".

So she named Kelsey as the winner but moments later found out the real winner was Amanda. Whoops. Big whoops.

Murdoch was asked on "A Current Affair" if the mistake was just a publicity stunt. She responded, "You wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy."

Aside from giving Kelsey $25,000 and a trip to New York, Harper's Bazaar Australia will now run two November covers, Gawker reports. Subscribers will get Amanda's version in the mail and buyers at the newsstand can chose between the two.

Amanda, left, and Kelsey, right: