09/30/2010 02:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

What @HuffPostGreen Twitter Followers #Cantlivewithout (PHOTOS)

Who knew 140 characters could be so expressive?

On Tuesday we asked @HuffPostGreen's Twitter followers what things in nature you just #cantlivewithout, and we were inundated with creative responses. We were most impressed by the beautiful, poetic quality of your tweets.

You love the scent of many things: flowers, rain, grass, the ocean, and even line-dried laundry. You can't do without animals like birds and even alligators. (We suspect that respondent is from Louisiana or Florida.) But most of all you seem to treasure the peaceful moments that nature gives us.

We received many responses, but we've chosen our favorites to show you here with some file photos we think illustrate the sentiments.

Can't Live Without