10/01/2010 02:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Shaq Harassment Lawsuit Takes Bizarre New Turn

New evidence has been discovered in the harassment lawsuit filed against Shaquille O'Neal by his mistress Vanessa Lopez.

Lopez, represented by Gloria Allred, claims that O'Neal hired a man named Justin Zormelo to send her harassing text messages.

Zormelo sent an email to RadarOnline, saying that the allegations are untrue and that he has never spoken to Lopez. However, Zormelo included his cell phone number -- the same number that Shaq communicated with, according to the report.

According to RadarOnline, a text message from O'Neal to Zormelo's number says, "dis is da numba shut dat bi*ch up!" and it also includes Lopez's cell phone number. The response from the number Zormelo included says, "Consider it done famo."

Lopez claimed that O'Neal hired Zormelo to fly to Orlando, FL and threaten her after she said she would tell O'Neal's wife Shaunie about their five-year affair.