10/05/2010 05:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Marks & Spencer To Sell 'Bum Lift' & 'Frontal Enhancement' Underwear (PHOTOS, POLL)

Last we heard, shapewear for men was really taking off...for guy's top-halves. The New York Times ran an article in May about the popularity of slimming undershirts for men. But what about power panties...for dudes?

British department store Marks & Spencer is all over it. The chain has created "bum lift" underwear and "frontal enhancement" pants that will hit shelves October 15 priced at $15 to $25. True, they're not the first products of their kind, but they seem to be the first ones backed by a major chain.

The head of Marks & Spencer men's underwear Dave Binns told the Daily Mail, "Our technologists have worked hard to engineer two styles that are comfortable to wear and that give real results. These pants provide a real confidence boost for men and we think they will prove popular with our customers."

Marks & Spencer posted promotional pics on its Facebook account. From left to right: a guy in regular underwear, a guy in "frontal enhancement" pants and a guy in "bum lift" underwear.

The brand also came up with several handy diagrams to explain how the undergarments work:

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