10/05/2010 12:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

More NYC Parents Turn To Home Schooling

In the face of a failing public school system, many New York City families are braving social stigma to teach their children at home, the New York Post reports.

Whether it's to escape high private tuition fees, academically challenge their children more or tailor a teaching method and curriculum that better fits their kids needs, about 2,350 families choose to teach their children at home in New York City, according to the Post.

Learning at home is hardly an academic free-for-all -- parents must file piles of paperwork to ensure that their child is keeping up with state standards. But there's always the risk that isolation from other children or other beliefs may jeopardize their academic and social development.

Keeping children out of a standardized system is exactly what some children need, other parents like mother-of-five Jessica DeLeon told the Post:

"We were concerned that public school was simultaneously too demanding, too young, with too much homework, and all this focus on the three R's and rote learning -- and that it might turn out to just not be very interesting."

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