10/05/2010 06:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

On 'Daily Show,' Stewart Nails Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Politics

As usual, Jon Stewart said what everyone in the media was thinking on last night's "Daily Show." This time, it was about Rahm Emanuel.

"Oh, he's a dick," Stewart said.

In three short minutes, Stewart eviscerated Emanuel, his successor Peter Rouse ("he must be either Dr. Evil or Jon from 'Garfield'"), a too-polite news media, and, yes, the political culture of Chicago.

Scroll down for video.

"Here's a little known fact about TV news shows," the "Daily Show" host told his audience: "they almost never call anyone a dick."

He followed with a montage of euphemisms applied to Rahm by a pantheon of talking heads, who described him as "bombastic" and "brusque," said he "isn't afraid of breaking a little china," and "isn't a shrinking violet."

Well then, what's the political future of such a non-shrinking violet?

"Chicago: where being a dick isn't a political liability, it's a job requirement," Stewart quipped.

He rounded out the bit with a send-up of Rahm's YouTube video announcing his candidacy.

Watch Stewart on Emanuel:

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