10/06/2010 03:56 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Nate Silver: Jerry Brown Now 3 To 1 Favorite To Win

FiveThirtyEight (and now NY Times) polling whiz Nate Silver has crunched the latest numbers in the California Governor's race, and has concluded that the tide has shifted in Jerry Brown's favor in recent weeks. This data comes in the wake of Meg Whitman's ongoing problems stemming from her employment of an undocumented worker, and finds Brown a 3 to 1 favorite in a race where he was an underdog just two weeks ago. While it is difficult to measure the exact impact the allegations have had on the race, Silver writes:

Still, the allegations are obviously not helpful to Ms. Whitman, whose campaign has reacted with a certain lack of dexterity -- with Ms. Whitman, for instance, having volunteered to take a polygraph test to rebut them. Such distractions may be relatively more difficult for a candidate like Ms. Whitman, who is running her first campaign for office, and who is used to writing her own script as the former chief executive of eBay.

(H/T LA Observed)