10/06/2010 01:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York Philharmonic Visits Staten Island Junkyard For Musical Parts (VIDEO)

If you think the New York Philharmonic's raison d'etre is playing Brahms at Central Park summer picnics, you'd be mistaken.

The Philharmonic posted a video recently of their trip to a Staten Island junkyard in search of scrap metal for Thursday's premiere of Kraft, the early 80s industrial work by experimental composer Magnus Lindberg. In the video, the world's finest musicians rifle through mountains of rusty car parts looking for a "beautiful resonant sound."

Capital New York detailed the results of their excursion: "There are gas tanks, with the greenish patina of ancient Chinese bells, sawed off to produce specific pitches when struck. There's a car hood, and weird, threatening serrated objects."