10/06/2010 02:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Bra Recyclers' Donate Lingerie To Breast Cancer Survivors

Elaine Birks-Mitchell was guilty of stowing-away unused bras. Deciding it was time to recycle her lingerie for a cause, she founded The Bra Recyclers in 2008, a for-profit textile recycling company that provides women in need, from breast cancer survivors to those in shelters, with ample support and a confidence boost. USA Today spoke to Birks-Mitchell about her inspiration:

"You have a lot of usable textiles that are just going to landfills. And people are tight on money right now so if you can find a way to give back without writing a check, I think it means a lot to women."

A little lingerie can go a long way. Her burgeoning company has donated over 10,000 bras to 23 foundations across the country including Alternatives for Battered Women in Rochester, New York to Dress For Success in Phoenix, Arizona.

All shapes and sizes are accepted as long the bra is in good condition. The process is simple: wash, tag, box, and mail.

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