10/06/2010 12:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Most Popular Jobs In America (PHOTOS)

By Kaitlin Madden, The following is a list of jobs with little in common. Annual salaries for these jobs range from just over $18,000 to more than $110,000. Some don't require workers to graduate high school, while others require a master's degree or higher. The reason they all appear here? They are the most popular jobs in America.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following 15 jobs account for more than 25 percent of total U.S. employment. For comparison purposes, the largest job -- retail sales -- employs 4,209,500 people, or 3.2 percent of the total American workforce. By contrast, there are a mere the 660 people employed as prosthodontists, 1,170 who work as geographers and 870 radio operators nationally.

So what are these mega-professions?

According to the BLS, the following are America's most-popular jobs. And for loads more information on jobs, be sure to check out

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