10/06/2010 01:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods Cigar Guy: Accidental Photobomb Sparks A Meme (PHOTOS)

UPDATE: It looks like Cigar Guy is going to be more than just a meme-maker.The site BeFrugal Blog is now offering a $1,000 reward for the correct identity of the Cigar Guy! Apparently, they would like to use him as the mascot for their site. BeFrugal writes:

"Just like everybody else, we would like to know: who is the Cigar Guy? We don’t know if he is real? Or fake? Or one of the Mario Brothers? But he certainly is frugal…those are mighty cheap pants he is wearing. Based on his incredibly frugal choice of clothing – pants, red wig, jacket – we think that Cigar Guy is ideally suited to be our spokesperson."

PREVIOUSLY: When The Daily Mail published a photograph of Tiger Woods's golf ball heading straight towards a photographer's lens, few expected for a seemingly innocuous bystander to grab the attention of the Internet. But how could we ignore this man, whose outlandish-looking mustache and cigar instantly made him a sensation? We've gathered some of our favorite images of the Cigar Man Photoshopped into iconic photos. Take a look, and vote for your favorite!