10/07/2010 04:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize 2010 Candidates: Who Will Win? (PHOTOS)

UPDATE: Liu Xiaobo has been named the winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Click here for more.

Original entry:

A jailed Chinese dissident, an Afghan women's rights advocate, a Zimbabwean diplomat and even a Congolese gynecologist are rumored to be among this year's top candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, according to reports.

Though the committee itself is tight-lipped, the international media is rife with speculation about who could be named winner of the 2010 prize on Friday. Most concede that this year's prize will be awarded for a candidate's bona-fide experience, unlike President Barack Obama's controversial 2009 win for "aspirations." Among the names most frequently mentioned are Sima Samar, an Afghan women's rights advocate and Liu Xiabao, a pro-democracy Chinese dissident currently behind bars outside of Beijing.

So who do you think is most worthy of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize? Be sure to vote for your favorite candidate, and let us know if you feel we've left out any top contenders.

2010 Nobel Peace Prize Candidates