10/08/2010 03:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tiger Cub Triplets Debut At Bronx Zoo (VIDEO)

Two sets of rare tiger triplets recently debuted to the public at the Bronx Zoo.

In this video, CBS got an exclusive first look at the cubs, which were born this past spring. The birth of the six cubs is quite remarkable for the critically endangered species, as only about 27 cubs have been born in U.S. zoos in the last decade, CBS reports.

Three of the cubs are Siberian tigers, which will grow to be around 600 pounds, and the other triplets are smaller Malayan tigers, which will be around 200 pounds when full grown. There is only one female out of the six cubs.

The director of the Bronx Zoo describes the infant tigers as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, of which only 3500 are estimated to remain, and stresses the importance of efforts to preserve the natural environments that are tiger habitats as essential to their survival.