10/13/2010 11:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top Countries For Gender Equality: 2010 Gender Gap Report (PHOTOS)

Employees who find themselves faced with gender bias in the workplace might contemplate a move to Scandinavia -- home to four of the countries which demonstrate the highest equality between men and women, according to a new report.

Prepared by the the World Economic Forum, the 2010 Global Gender Gap Report measures both the number of women in administrative positions in 134 countries, as well as improvements in the wage gap between men and women. Iceland continues to lead the world with the most gender-balanced workforce. The United States rose 12 spots to No. 19, marking its first appearance on the top 20 in the report's five-year history.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the greatest disparities were found in Pakistan, Chad and Yemen, which came in at the very bottom of the list.

See the full report here.

See photos of the top 15 countries below: