10/13/2010 09:29 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Best of CEATEC 2010: 9 Amazing Innovations (PHOTOS)

The Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (or CEATEC) is Japan's massive annual trade fair, showcasing the leading innovations in consumer electronics and smart tech.

This year, CEATEC took place on Octobr 5 through October 10 and featured cutting-edge concepts like a dual-screen mobile phone, see-through OLED display panels, electric car concepts, 3D cameras, augmented reality GPS devices, robots and more.

View our slideshow (below) to see some of the most exciting high tech products CEATEC 2010 had to offer. Vote for your favorites, then share your opinions in the comments section.

CEATEC 2010: Amazing Innovations From The Future