10/13/2010 05:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Friend Of Cop Wrongfully Accused Of Murder PUNCHES Cameraman (VIDEO)

A Lynwood police officer who was accused of a shooting spree that left one man dead and two others wounded near the Illinois-Indiana border has been released. Though Officer Brian Dorian is no longer a suspect in the crime, his lawyer accuses Will County prosecutors of ruining his life--and his friends and family have been hit especially hard by the chaos.

After Dorian was released in Will County on Wednesday, reporters gathered to get a comment--which apparently infuriated his friend.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

As cameras swarmed around Dorian outside the courthouse, a friend scuffled with a TV cameraman and punched him in the face, according to police.

Dennis W. Moran felt television cameras were being "thrust in his face," said Joliet police chief Fred Hayes. "He did say he was sorry, but the emotionally charged scene got the best of him and he punched the cameraman," Hayes said.

Moran, 68, of Crown Point, Ind. was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery. Police identified the cameraman as Paul Nagaro, 56, who works for NBC Channel 5.

Dorian's lawyers slammed Will County prosecutors for allegedly doing everything they could to paint Dorian as a bad guy instead of looking for the real killer.

"You can't make the problem, clean it up and then act like a hero," Attorney Dave Carlson said.

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