10/14/2010 08:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Growing Number Of Tweens Giving Back

In popular culture, "tweens" caught in the transition from childhood to their teenage years are typically thought to be swooning over pop heartthrobs and wasting time in other similarly vapid pursuits.

According to USA Today, more and more tweens are focusing their time instead on giving back:

Growing numbers of pre-teens and early teens are giving tweens a new face: a socially responsible young citizen. They're not only doing good in their local communities, but having a global impact. Some have created their own non-profits...

Over the last year, HuffPost Impact has covered the ongoing efforts of inspiring tween Zach Bonner. The 12-year-old started the Little Red Wagon Foundation, and later completed a 2,500 mile walk, all to raise awareness and funds to help homeless youth.

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