10/15/2010 04:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Paladino Animated: Carl Gets The Taiwanese CGI Treatment (VIDEO)

Carl Paladino's cartoonish behavior is now fully animated.

Thanks to the prolific geniuses at Taiwan's Next Media Animation, all of the GOP gubernatorial candidate's wackiest antics have been re-imagined in CGI form.

This video has it all; the love child, bestiality emails, totally bogus allegations against opponent Andrew Cuomo, a heated altercation with a reporter over said bogus allegations and, of course, his homophobic rant.

Next Media has brought us plenty of irreverent CGI recreations in the past. The JetBlue flight attendant freak out and the Islamic Community Center controversy come to mind.

But this rendition of Paladino as a 1920s, trigger-happy gangster stands on its own. Watch the masterfully encapsulated mayhem in the video below: