10/15/2010 03:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Tancredo Within Four Points Of John Hickenlooper In Latest Rasmussen Poll

American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo has moved within four points of Democrat John Hickenlooper in the race for Colorado Governor, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Tancredo, a former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate who switched party affiliation to run for Governor, trailed Hickenlooper 42-38 with just 12% preferring Republican Dan Maes and 6% undecided.

He's come a long way since August, when a Rasmussen poll had him garnering just 18% support, compared to 31% for Maes and 43% for Hickenlooper.

Since that time, however, Maes has seen his campaign unravel in the face of numerous distractions. Many key Republican leaders have abandoned his campaign in favor of Tancredo, who has steadily climbed in the polls since declaring his candidacy in late July.

Rasmussen has consistently shown Tancredo with more support than other polling services, although most public polls continue to show his campaign gaining momentum.

The most recent Rasmussen poll was conducted October 14, and has a 4% margin for error.