10/16/2010 01:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rand Paul: I Don't Want Washington Deciding 'Two Mommies Is An Appropriate Family Situation'

In arguing for why the U.S. Department of Education is unnecessary and should be abolished on Thursday, Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul cited concerns he has about the issue of gay marriage to make his case.

"I would rather have the local school districts decide things," explained Paul at a debate against Democratic rival Jack Conway in the Bluegrass State. "I don't like the idea of Suzie has two mommies being an appropriate family situation to talk about to kindergartners. That's what happens when it gets to the federal level."

The Tea Party-backed contender said he'd prefer that "local school boards, teachers, parents" and residents be the ones making such decisions.

Challenging Paul, Conway fired back and underscored his belief that federal funding of schools is crucial.

"The cost of education is going up," explained the Democratic hopeful. "This is no time to run from our students. We need to become a more educated society to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow."

Via ThinkProgress comes video of Paul's remarks.