10/18/2010 04:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bobby Bottleservice Fights Malaria In Africa (Sort Of) (VIDEO)

We love Nick Kroll's character Bobby Bottleservice for his escapades with The Ed Hardy Boyz as well as his insight into "Jersey Shore," but now we can love him for helping a charitable cause (we think).

See, Bobby shot this video forFunny Or Die from Africa (really) to bring awareness to the fight against Malaria there. Unfortunately, he pretty much misses the point and begins planning a mosquito night club as well as a drug mule operation. He also introduces us to "DJ Goat" and thinks it's acceptable to call everyone around him "African Un-Americans." Despite the video being called "Bobby Bottleservice Gets Serious," the whole thing is pretty ridiculous (which is just how we like it). Check it out!