10/19/2010 08:07 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

LSU Student President Begs Bobby Jindal To Stay In Louisiana

Louisiana State University Student President J Hudson wondered why it was so difficult to get a meeting with Gov. Bobby Jindal to talk about the issues concerning Louisiana's beleaguered higher education system.

Then he realized: it was because Jindal was so rarely in the state he governs.

So Hudson took matters into his own hands, composing a letter and sending it to the newspapers of states Jindal was visiting.

The letter was printed in New Hampshire's Keene Sentinel.

The Daily Reveille has what it said:

"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is spending more time in your state than the one he was elected to represent," Hudson wrote in the letter, titled "Attention Gov. Jindal" and sent to newspapers in New York, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio and New Hampshire. "We want to know why he's not devoting all his time to the future of his state and its young people."

After informing the papers' residents of Louisiana's higher education budget plight, Hudson addressed Jindal directly.

"On behalf of the students whose hopes for a brighter future will soon be crushed, I beg you to return to Louisiana and fix your state's serious problems. You've neglected your constituents long enough," Hudson wrote. "You'll have a much better chance of becoming president if you save, instead of destroy, Louisiana's universities."

According to the Associated Press, Louisiana has had to cope with $280 million in education budget cuts and faces additional cuts of $290 million or more.

Jindal was in Wisconsin Monday. He has denied a 2012 bid for the presidency.

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