10/21/2010 01:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wrong Salazar Attacked In Ad: Which One Is Which?

Over in Colorado, where the political season has been straight-up insane, an anti-abortion organization is really, really mad at Ken Salazar. As a part of a $600,000 ad campaign, Americans United for Life released a radio ad that ran in the western part of the state, calling out Ken Salazar five times for being insufficiently "for life" and/or "American." What impact will this have on the election? Well, here in the Eat The Press Polling Center, we are projecting that Ken Salazar has a 100% chance of retaining his seat, because Ken Salazar is the Secretary of the Interior.

I'll send this over to Dan Amira, at NY Mag's Daily Intel:

It would have been a lot more effective had it actually used the name John Salazar, since he's the Salazar that serves as a congressman in Colorado's 3rd district, while Ken, his brother, is the secretary of the Interior. It would probably have been smart to have someone look over the ad first, but hey, mistakes happen.

And they're happening pretty often in Colorado:

A Denver TV station has stopped running an attack ad from Colorado congressional candidate Cory Gardner because it says the 30-second spot is "so blatantly wrong."


The ad in question attacks Gardner's opponent, Democratic Congresswoman Betsy Markey for--among other things--voting in favor of the 2010 budget, which the narrator refers to as "the most fiscally irresponsible budget in history."

The problem? Markey didn't vote in favor of the 2010 budget. The ad apparently confuses Betsy Markey with the other Markey in Congress, Ed of Massachusetts.

Colorado Pols have, in response, launched what looks to be a pretty effective "Know Your Markeys" campaign. I blame this Colorado confusion on a combination of the election season's overall irrationality, coupled with all the crazy, cursed statuary at the Denver airport.

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